Companies in Finland

The private limited companies sold by A-Firmad OÜ are registered in the Finnish Commercial Register (Kaupparekisteri) and they have a valid Y-tunnus code.
We also offer the service of founding such a company, with monetary or non-monetary contribution.

The new shareholder will not need to go to Finland in order to purchase a turnkey company; the purchase can be formalised in Estonia.
The price of a private limited company includes:

- the turnkey private limited company with a share capital of 2,500 euros (nominal value of a share being 2.50 euros);
- the state fee for changing the Management Board and the address;
- the tax for transferring assets;
- optionally (if the buyer wishes), registration of the company as a value added tax payer and/or in the register of regular wage-payer employers;
- preparing all required documents and submitting them to the Commercial Register.

Pursuant to the Finnish Private Limited Companies Act, a private limited company incurs legal capacity at the moment of being entered into the Register.
The private limited company is liable for its obligations in the extent of its full assets.
The minimum share capital of a private limited company is 2,500 euros. A contribution into the share capital can be monetary or non-monetary. Non-monetary contributions are assessed by an auditor.
Shareholders adopt decisions in a shareholders’ meeting. Generally, a simple majority of votes is required for adopting a decision. Regular shareholders’ meetings are held at least once per year, within 6 months after the end of every financial year.
The everyday activity of a private limited company is organised by its Management Board (hallitus). The Management Board can have 1 to 5 Members. If a Management Board has less than 3 Members, the Management Board must include a substitute Member. A Management Board always has the Chair of the Management Board, elected by the Management Board Members from among themselves. If the Management Board has one Member, that Member is automatically the Chair of the Management Board. The Management Board adopts decisions with a simple majority of votes. In case of equal distribution of votes, the Chair of the Management Board has the deciding vote. Board Members and substitute members are appointed by shareholders.
Citizens and business associations of all countries can be shareholders of Finnish private limited companies. There are restrictions for persons holding the so-called “grey passport”: they will need a permit from the Finnish Commercial Register to acquire a holding. The place of residence of at least one Management Board Member must be in the European Economic Area (Estonia belongs to the European Economic Area). The permanent place of residence of at least one Management Board Member or substitute Member must be in Finland, otherwise a contact person with a permanent place of residence in Finland must be appointed.
A private limited company must have an auditor if at least one of the following indicators has exceeded the following limit in the currently ended or the immediately previous financial year: profit above 100,000 euros, turnover above 200,000 euros, average number of employees above 3.